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Sunday School is from 10:00am to 11:00am, May – September. 

Learn more about UMCB Children’s Ministries: Children’s ministries flyer.

Infants – Room 13

Toddlers – Room 11

3-4 Yrs. – Room 21

Kindergarten – Room 22

Grades 1-2 in Room 23

Grade 3 – Room 25

Grades 4-5 in Room 37

6th Grade – Meets in Room 35

Confirmation Classes:

7th Grade – Room 34

8th Grade – Room 33


Senior High -Room 32


Adult Sunday School Opportunities

Short Term Series

Facilitator: Deaconess Karen Caldwell

Location: Room 12


Ongoing weekly

Facilitator: Leadership rotates based on the topic

A vibrant group within the UMCB. The class continues to welcome new members or guests into fellowship and study.

Location: Parlor


Ongoing weekly

Facilitator: Leadship rotates based on the topic

Want to keep current with the news of the world? You can receive this weekly United Methodist material via email and join in discussion the following Sunday. The group has found the material helpful to their daily lives.

Location: Fellowship Hall

Next Generation

Facilitator: Leadership rotates

This class includes both singles and couples who study from the Bible.

Location: Room 27