Our Mission

The mission of The United Methodist Church of Berea is to “Love God, Learn God, Live God.”

Our Vision Statement

The United Methodist Church of Berea is a loving, accepting church for all people that celebrates Christ’s love through education, worship, and community and global outreach.

We, the United Methodist Church of Berea, are Christ-centered, and strive to honor our Wesleyan Heritage.

We value:

  • The Bible as the guiding source for actively learning, teaching and living in the Christian faith
  • Fulfilling and challenging worship that is centered on God
  • Claiming and owning our role in building God’s kingdom and sustaining His Church
  • Spreading the word of God’s love as our mission to our church, our community and the world
  • Respect for diversity and the practice of Christian hospitality to all
  • Our Beliefs
  • Our Church Campus
  • Our Church History

In response to the call of God, The United Methodist Church of Berea is committed to follow the teachings and example of Christ. Through the Holy Spirit, we proclaim the Good News and grow as a fellowship of the people of God. We dedicate our God-given talents to create and sustain an environment which enables people to become new persons in Christ. Therefore, we praise God in worship, we know God in mind and heart, and we serve God in the world.

Main Floor Map

Map of Main Floor – Click to Enlarge

Map 2nd & 3rd Floor

Map of Second and Third Floor – Click to enlarge








Rooms 21-27 are on the second floor
Rooms 31-37 are on the third floor

Finding Your Way Around Our Building

Library and Gathering Place

Located off the main hall between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, the Gathering Place is open for meetings and classes throughout the week. Within the Library, the Memorial Library is open whenever the church is open. Books and tapes are on loan through an honor system. New books and sermon tapes are added to the collection every month, with a special shelf designated for the UMW reading program.


During church services and the Sunday School hour, there are adult staffed nursery and toddler rooms available in Rooms 11 and 13. Upon request, pagers are available from the nursery to allow parents to be called during the service if any problems or concerns arise. Child care is available during meetings and classes held throughout the week by request.

Call the church office to arrange for a sitter.

Education Wing

The classrooms located on the second and third floors of the Education Wing serve our Sunday School classes of all ages. Junior and Senior High Youth Groups meet in the Youth Lounge, on the third floor.

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall serves as the gathering place for all congregational activities, including potlucks and church festivals, such as the Epiphany Feast, Hosanna Festival, Advent Festival, Strawberry Festival and more. Special receptions and parties may be scheduled here through the church office.

Special Needs

Electronic front doors and lift in Fellowship Hall allow access to the entire first floor for all of our members and guests.  There is also a main floor and second floor restroom that is wheelchair accessible. Our building is now equipped with an elevator that services all four floors and is handicap accessible through our Gathering Place.  Hearing Devices and Large Print Bulletins are available upon request for all services. See an usher for assistance.

Our roots go back to 1828 when John and Mary Baldwin first settled in Berea from New England. Although they held religious meetings beginning in 1832, the Berea Methodist Church was not organized until 1843. In 1852, land was purchased for the First Methodist Church building. It was made from Berea sandstone and was known for many years as the Old Stone Church. By this time, the German Emmanuel Methodist Church was growing, meeting in what is now the Baldwin-Wallace College Chapel.

In 1899, the First Methodist Episcopal Church was built at the corner of Seminary and Spring Streets. After years of discussions, First Methodist and Emmanuel Methodist joined to become The Methodist Church of Berea. Sunday, May 18, 1947, the two churches celebrated the union. The building now known as The United Methodist Church of Berea was dedicated in 1952 and stands at the corner of Spring and Seminary Streets where the First M.E. Church once stood. In 1968, a union of the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren denominations took place to form The United Methodist Church.