Our roots go back to 1828 when John and Mary Baldwin first settled in Berea from New England. Although they held religious meetings beginning in 1832, the Berea Methodist Church was not organized until 1843. In 1852, land was purchased for the First Methodist Church building. It was made from Berea sandstone and was known for many years as the Old Stone Church. By this time, the German Emmanuel Methodist Church was growing, meeting in what is now the Baldwin-Wallace College Chapel.

In 1899, the First Methodist Episcopal Church was built at the corner of Seminary and Spring Streets. After years of discussions, First Methodist and Emmanuel Methodist joined to become The Methodist Church of Berea. Sunday, May 18, 1947, the two churches celebrated the union. The building now known as The United Methodist Church of Berea was dedicated in 1952 and stands at the corner of Spring and Seminary Streets where the First M.E. Church once stood. In 1968, a union of the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren denominations took place to form The United Methodist Church.