Sunday Morning Opportunities (September – May)

FaithLink (Gathering Place) – Faithlink connects faith and life through weekly, topical studies like “Electric Cars” (5-14-17),  and “Biodiversity” (5-21-17).

Contact the church office at to receive the weekly FaithLink Study Guide.

Short Term Study (Room 12) – 5-14-17  “Sinners, Outcast, and the Poor”,  5-21-17 “Jerusalem Stories”

Homebuilders (Parlor) – 5-14-17 Fall class planning,  5-21-17 “Update on Southwest General Hospital”.

Other Opportunities

Tuesday Morning Bible Study – 9:05 a.m. in Room 37 –  The Intercessory Prayer Team meets after the Bible Study.  All are welcome! 

Read & Grow Book Discussion Group – Click here for more info.

Save the Date: Summer Sabbath – July 10-12

This is an individual or family opportunity for classes, dinner and free concert on Wednesday.  We will offer three very different classes: issues of poverty, the movie Hidden Figures, and a hands-on experience with art.

Invite a friend to the nights or to the concert.

These nights center on that we all need time to unwind or decompress.  We hope you will come knowing the rest that will be offered like a spring leaf  that has come to rest gently upon the calming surface of a river’s current.

Come knowing that through fellowship, prayer and a shared meal you will find a sense of rest.